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Circular Levelling Anti Vibration Mountings 200 mm

Circular Levelling Anti Vibration Mountings

Circular Levelling Anti Vibration Mountings are made for low vibration application such as Presses, Machine Tools, Laboratory Equipements etc. They have low deflection. They have built in leveling device so, leveling is very easy. Foundation is not required in this mounting.

The Rubber pad used in these levelling mounts are made of excellent rubber mix. These are five different mixes available so that one can have same deflection at different loads.

The Mounts are tested in load deflection machine to have linear load deflection characteristics . There are five different sizes with five different hardness in each sizes as per table.

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Sr. No.Nominal Dia In mm/HardnessMax. Load (Kg)Deflection In mmItem No.
150mm H – 40603.00 TO 4.00MT-01
250mm H – 50703.00 TO 4.00MT-02
350mm H – 60803.00 TO 4.00MT-03
450mm H – 70903.00 TO 4.00MT-04
550mm H – 801003.00 TO 4.00MT-05
685mm H – 401203.00 TO 4.00MT-06
785mm H – 501403.00 TO 4.00MT-07
885mm H – 601603.00 TO 4.00MT-08
985mm H – 701803.00 TO 4.00MT-09
1085mm H – 802003.00 TO 4.00MT-10
11125mm H – 404003.00 TO 4.00MT-11
12125mm H – 505003.00 TO 4.00MT-12
13125mm H – 606003.00 TO 4.00MT-13
14125mm H – 707003.00 TO 4.00MT-14
15125mm H – 808003.00 TO 4.00MT-15
16165mm H – 4010003.00 TO 4.00MT-16
17165mm H – 5012003.00 TO 4.00MT-17
18165mm H – 6014003.00 TO 4.00MT-18
19165mm H – 7016003.00 TO 4.00MT-19
20165mm H – 8018003.00 TO 4.00MT-20
21200mm H – 4018003.00 TO 4.00MT-21
22200mm H – 5021003.00 TO 4.00MT-22
23200mm H – 6024003.00 TO 4.00MT-23
24200mm H – 7027003.00 TO 4.00MT-24
25200mm H – 8030003.00 TO 4.00MT-25