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RCC Pipe Rings For Horizontal Casted Pipes

RCC Pipe Rings For Horizontal Casted Pipes

RCC Pipes are generally made as per IS:458. The said IS prescribes usage of Rubber Rings as per IS:5382-1985.


Rubber Rings For RCC Pipe NP3 & NP4 Type as per IS:5382-1985
Size as per IS 458 : 2003 Roll on Joint Table 13 & 14
Sr.No.Item DescriptionORING Size(ID X Section)EPDM PolymerNATURAL PolymerSBR PolymerOur Item No.
180MM PIPE RING102 x 11L-501
2100MM PIPE RING120 x 11L-502
3170 x 11102 x 11L-353
4200MM PIPE RING230 x 11L-355
5225MM PIPE RING255 x 11L-503
6250MM PIPE RING275 x 11L-356
7300MM PIPE RING340 x 12L-357
8350MM PIPE RING435 x 12L-354
8400MM PIPE RING480 x 16L-504
10450MM PIPE RING525 x 16L-505
11500MM PIPE RING570 x 16L-506
12600MM PIPE RING675 x 20L-507
13700MM PIPE RING765 x 11L-501
14700MM PIPE RING875 x 20L-508
15800MM PIPE RING970 x 20L-509
161000MM PIPE RING920 x 20L-511
171100MM PIPE RING1003 x 20L-512
181200MM PIPE RING1095 x 20L-513
191400MM PIPE RING1275 x 25L-514
201500MM PIPE RING1360 x 25L-1009
211600MM PIPE RING1445 x 25L-515
221800MM PIPE RING1620 x 25L-669
232000MM PIPE RING1810 x 25L-867