Production Process

All the Raw Materials received by our company are subject to chemical and physical test and weighed immediately on receipt only thereafter they are taken in the stock.

The batches for mixing the Raw Materials are weighed electronically so that precise quantities are supplied for mixing. Our company uses Dispersion Kneader and Mixing Mills to ensure, the required quality of the rubber compound, to be used in the manufacturing process.

The rubber compound is then tested in Rheometer for its curing characteristics and other physical testing are also carried out. There after it goes for the Moulding Process.

Our company uses modern Rubber Moulding technology by using Desma Rubber Injection Moulding Machine & Tung yu Vacuum Machines manufacturing Rubber Products, which assures excellent flawless quality.

We use specialized machines to finish the Rubber Products and each and every product manufactured is physically checked to ensure that the Rubber Products delivered is an absolute zero defect lot.

Rubber Products made are stored in a separate storage area to protect the same from ultraviolet rays and dusting.

We have as a part of our group a separate company which specializes in making precise quality tools, dies and moulds, which are important for quality of the finished product.